``` Miami-Dade Aviation Department - SMP 2015-2050



On April 2009, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department authorized the initiation of a Strategic Airport Master Planning Study (SMP 2015-2050) for the County’s System of Airports in order to identify and assess the future air transportation needs of the County. The Study will be completed on or before the end of FY 2014. The SMP 2015-2050 will establish a roadmap for the future taking into consideration the airport-system expansion and enhancement presently being provided by the ongoing Capital Improvement Program. The SMP 2015-2050 will balance the needs related to infrastructure and facility preservation and modernization, capacity, customer-service enhancements, financial affordability, cost control, and environmental stewardship.

This site has been designed as a resource to answer questions and keep stakeholders as well as the general public up-to-date on the most recent activities and information regarding the SMP 2015-2050 Study. Take a moment to explore the site and feel free to contact us with your questions and/or comments.

Ongoing Activities:

• Phase 4 was initiated in March 2012
• General Aviation airports long range concepts development is ongoing
• MIA Strategic Options & Alternatives task is ongoing